Tai Chi Chuan

 Tai Chi Chuan or Taijiquan is the classic Chinese method of exercise for health, self defense and spiritual growth. Tai Chi is based on philosophy of Yin and Yang which symbolizes balanced way of life. Tai Chi is an internal exerice program which consist of slow relaxed, flowing and balanced movements. It is very relaxing and nonstrenous exercise which helps practitioner to improve blood circulation and balance. In China millions of people are practicing tai chi everyday to obtain relaxation, to increase concentration, for toning their body, and overall for health. The combination of turning, twisting and stretching movements work to release tension and allows every part of the body to be exercised without strain. Tai Chi is also an excelent cardiovascular exercise by increasing circulation of blood and oxygen to all parts of the body. Concentration, coordination, flexiblity and balance will improve over a period of time. The ability of Tai Chi to rejuvenate rather than exhaust makes it a valuable exercise program in our active, stressful and fast paced society. Tai Chi harmonizes in motion. Graceful in movement slow in tempo and fluid in natural postures. Tai Chi harmonizes the energy processes within the body. That energy is called Chi. Also, Tai Chi integrates mind and body helping to place man in the natural order of the universe - the tao.

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