Lohan Qigong


Lohan Qigong (pronounced Chi Kung) is an internal exercise that uses movement and breath control to manipulate the flow of Chi along the body's meridians. It is both a physical and mental exercise. Inwardly, it is taught to cultivate the Jing, the Chi and the Shen. Outwardly, it is practised to build a strong and healthy body.

It has been established that Qigong stimulates the immune system and is favourable for the healing of inflamed and degenerated tissue. It has a calming effect on the nervous system and is therefore beneficial in the treatment of anxiety, insomnia and depression. Also, for the student of martial arts it is a means of furthering one's study and improving one's skill.

For instance, martial arts and Tai Chi are known as an excellent exercise for improving mental faculties and the physical body, both for relaxation and the release of tension. What they do not realise is that Qigong is the basic and grounding concept behind it all. To achieve a higher level of success depends on how well developed one is in fundamental Qigong practice. It is the meditiative components and internal energy cultivation which makes a difference to the more physical side of martial arts. Therefore if one practices Qigong, the skill of martial arts and Tai Chi will be accentuated.

The practice of Qigong is like brushing your teeth or taking a shower. Since you wash your body everyday, why not wash your energy? Qigong washes, cleans and purifies your personal energy, just like taking a shower on the inside. The feeling of regeneration is evidence of a slowing down of the aging process. However, the real stakes are not just living to a totally ripe old age. It is to live as long as possible in the best conceivable physical shape, both inside and out, as well as in peak mental and emotional form. This is a challenge well worth everyone's time and trouble.

Lohan Qigong exercises include:

1) Stick exercise

2) Breathing exercise

3) Unicorn Hands

4) Standing postures

5) Walking exercise

6) Medical theories

7) Bak Gwa Kung Fu

Lohan Qigong forms include:

1) Sap Ba Lohan Kuen

2) Siu Lohan Kuen

3) Dai Lohan Kuen

4) Tai Git Kuen

5) Mo Git Kuen

Further study includes:

1) Ng Wan Lok Hei Bak Gwa Kung

2) Geo Kung Ngnoi Ga Kung

3) Geo Kung JONG FA

4) Stick Jong Kung


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