Sifu Gary Lee is a Wing Sing Tong International Master and has been training & teaching Choy Lee Fut under Sifu Inner Tiger Disciple Wojciech Konopka since 2001 in Augusta GA. He has traveled many times to participate in Chan family seminars San Diego Ca., Montreal Canada and in 2004 to China. He became a certified instructor under Grand Master Chan Yong Fa in 2004. In 2008, he relocated to Flowery Branch, Ga and in 2010 set up Tiger & Dragon Kung Fu School's 2nd location. He is now expanding Tiger & Dragon Kung Fu School to Flowery Branch GA.. 

Si Hing Clark Casteel is Hung Sing Gwoon Instructor level that began training under Sifu Gary Lee in Flowery Branch, GA since 2010. In 2015 and 2016 went to Augusta GA to take part in CLF seminars taught by Sifu Inner Tiger Disciple Wojciech Konopka. Clark is a Licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine since 1995 with his own clinic in Gainesville GA  and currently is training and teaching classes under Sifu Gary Lee at Tiger & Dragon Kung Fu School in Flowery Branch GA. He was currently promoted to level "Hung Sing Gwoon Instructor" after passing intensive test in February 2016 given by Sifu Inner Tiger Disciple Wojciech Konopka. 

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